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The Bitcoin Strategy Guide

If you are new to Bitcoin, don't worry!

I will teach you the simple and smart way to make money with Bitcoin minimized risk, and without needing much "technical knowledge".


    Quick-List of the tools I use to generate Bitcoin revenue

    These are the tools we use to generate Bitcoin at Kismet LLC


    Genesis Mining (Discount code = 2i0L9V)




    Our Xcoins Affiliate income proofs.

    We invested $900+ into a Google Adwords campaign for our xcoins affiliate link. We gained over 1500 referrals and currently generate over $50 paid IN BITCOIN day every in commissions. We will be running more campaigns and increasing our BitcoinDoublerLegit.com payout thresholds again soon!

    Screenshots of Adwords / Xcoins.io proof.

    bitcoin income proof
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    bitcoin income proof
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    bitcoin income proof
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    bitcoin income proof
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    Build some wealth? OK.


    This is the Best Bitcoin Strategy Guide on the Web

    About This Guide | Top

    Why am I writing this?

    A) I created this guide with the purpose teaching people to earn with Bitcoin, and with the hopes that people will get involved with our company Kismet LLC and ultimately, so we can give more to help make the world a better place.

    B) I was tired of being scammed, and not being trusted.

    C) Our company offers a service called "Bitcoin Doubler" and it is a LEGITIMATE service. This is HOW we are able to do what we do in regards to Bitcoin.

    Many people are skeptical of Bitcoin clubs and sites (and rightfully so), so instead of being opaque, I am going to be transparent and I am showing you what we do!

    You can do it yourself or you can buy our services or both!

    Your participation in Kismet programs allows us to create more sites, and to make the world a better place than when we got here.

    There are risks involved with Bitcoin, and please consider this guide as a "biography" of my current efforts to make a difference.

    We really do appreciate your business and please enjoy this free insight to my Bitcoin Strategy! At the end of the guide, you can generate your own promo link and replace my referral links with yours!

    This guide is written by Joshua Dungan for the purpose of teaching the Aquarian People (the Earthlings) how to earn with Bitcoin in hopes that they will, in turn for this knowledge, give back to those who need.

    Please note that the banner advertisements on this page are likely not for my sites. My sites are listed at the end of the guide and will be updated as new creations are made!

    I have a mathematical mind, and these simple techniques are what I am using to both build my wealth, and build a system that provides income for clean water projects, long after I am dead again.

    Maybe you are a giver too? If so, Get Involved!

    Thank you and enjoy!

    Promote YOUR links in my guide! | Top

    I decided to do something unheard of since many of the programs in this guide offer affiliate commission programs and the fact that you will likely want to share this guide once you read it.

    At the end of the guide you can create a referral link to this guide that will allow you to promote the guide with your affiliate links for Coinbase, Circle, Xcoins, BitcoinDoublerLegit.com, Hashflare, and Genesis Mining (Discount code = 2i0L9V)!

    This will allow you to promote this guide to people and earn the joy of giving them powerful knowledge and teaching them proven techniques, while at the same time, earning commissions for the listed programs! Check back occasionally because if I add new programs to the guide, you will need to update your referral link.

    Chapter #1 - Build your first Auto-Pilot Paypal/Bitcoin Income | Top

    Learn how to sell Bitcoin at 15% above market on auto-pilot.

    Screenshots of Chapter #1 Xcoins.io proof.

    bitcoin income proof
    Click to view larger.
    bitcoin income proof
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    Step #1 - Create and fund your Xcoins.io account!

    Tip: Reputation Loans are when a buyer purchases small to medium size buys in order to raise their buying limits.

    You may want to make several small ($10-$25) Bitcoin purchases at Xcoins.io to fund your account and build your reputation so you can make larger purchases in the future. Xcoins.io can be used to convert Paypal to Bitcoin and then you can earn a profit using this guide and Chapter #2.

    I will explain later in the guide why I feel Xcoins.io Bitcoin loans are better than (or at least equally useful as) buying Bitcoin directly.

    Step #2 - List your Bitcoin for Sale

    Tip: Go to the menu and the select Lending Limit. Set the amount to how much Bitcoin you want to list. Personally, I set it to a ridiculously high number and ignored the deposit notice. As long as you have enough Bitcoin to fill your offers and Lending is Enabled, Bitcoin can be sold.

    The Xcoins.io system is smart and will only matches borrowers based on the following:

    The borrower will borrow from their Xcoins.io referrer if the referrer has sufficient Bitcoin available to fill the order.

    Tip: This is why you should promote the guide. Your Xcoins.io referrals are your referrals for life and you may make repeated sales to them.

    Check out our referral income!

    We give most of this back through our website BitcoinDoublerLegit.com. Last updated 2/15/17

    bitcoin income proof
    Click to view larger.

    If the borrower's referrer does not have enough Bitcoin to loan, the loan is sent to another lender who CAN fill it.
    This is why you should try to build your Xcoins.io account up to and over $1,000 worth of Bitcoin so you can fill any size order. You will be amazed at the orders you get... well... I was!

    Next, go to the menu to the Lending Offers and set up an offer for $10-$1000 @ 15% for 1 star. Do the same for 2 star, 3 star, and 4 star, and 5 star. Again, the system is smart and will only match you will order you can fill.

    Using these settings is RISKY because you can make 100x sales at $10 each and then get one chargeback go through somehow for $1000 (terrible luck if that happened, but it could!). To mitigate this risk, use a small limit ($10-$100) for all of the star ratings. That way if you do ever get a chargeback, the amount is reasonable and covered. Getting referrals and affiliate commissions is the best way to mitigate the cost of business in regards to chargebacks.

    These settings are just my settings... do what you want, just make sure the offers show as ACTIVE!

    Step #3 - Promote this guide

    Every serious buyer will need to do several reputation loans at Xcoins.io before they can make larger purchases. Additionally, Xcoins LENDERS can buy Bitcoin at reduced fees and then resell on Xcoins.io. More about this later.

    In the next section, I will show you why I feel that Xcoins.io loans make sense and how to make a profit automatically.

    Step #4 - Now that you have made your first sale...

    OK so you made your first sale and got paid to your Paypal account!

    If the user purchased $10 of Bitcoin, they likely paid you $12.92 - paypal fees! Congrats! Wasn't that easy?

    Now for the fun part... automation... Once you have over $25 in your Paypal account...

    Go to your Xcoins.io account and find the "Deposit Bitcoin" link. Click it and COPY your Bitcoin deposit address.

    Now, in a separate browser window, go to recurring payments section of your Coinbase account.

    PART A. Create a recurring HOURLY "BUY" at Coinbase using your Paypal Debit card for $1.00. You will get a good cost-average by buying a little each hour.

    PART B. Create a recurring HOURLY "SEND" from Coinbase to your Xcoins.io Bitcoin address.

    Wallah! Now you have a recurring buy of Bitcoin at cost from Coinbase using Paypal... then an automatic send to Xcoins.io to sell your BTC for 15% + above market... and that payment is sent BACK TO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT where it started!... Let it run!

    What happens if my Coinbase account recurring payments fail (ie, no funds, limits reached, etc). Nothing. You get an email saying it failed and they will retry again in an hour.


    Watch your Paypal balance and make sure your cash flow is good. You may want to adjust the recurring payment settings to suit your needs.

    Coinbase only allows 25 free send transactions per day. Therefore, you could set it up to Buy $x amount each morning and send it an hour later.

    IDEA: You could set it up to send 90% of the bought amount (ie, $0.90 to Xcoins instead of $1.00). This would give you 10% profit in Bitcoin and 3.5% margin of profit to your Paypal account. A good way to accumulate Bitcoin for free!

    Set up a Bitwage account and really take it to the next level!

    Did you know that if you deposit money to your Bitwage.com bank account you can have it distributed as Bitcoin for a 1% fee? THINK. Xcoins->+15% to Paypal->99% from Bitwage back to Xcoins... LOOP!

    I am NOT going to go into detail on this one yet because Xcoins is adding a new payment processor option. When that happens, I will update the guide accordingly.

    Why buy Xcoins.io loans instead of buying Bitcoin?

    In the next chapter, I am going to show you how to safely make 1% or more on your Bitcoin, even in the USA!

    You might be struck with excitement induced insomnia trying to find ways to get more Bitcoin once you read the 2nd chapter!

    If you hold your Xcoins.io Bitcoin (and as I said, I will teach you to GROW IT) as an investment, you can cash OUT of your loan back to Paypal.

    NOTE: Xcoins.io loans are not required to be repaid since you paid the loan in full when you made your purchase.

    As a buyer you pay a few fees, but the cool part is that once you get your BUYER reputation built, the fees go down, AND THE RERERRAL CODES give you 25% off the fees... this means you can buy and sell in the same place.

    YOU MUST get your BUYER reputation up in order to be able to buy and sell on Xcoins.io profitably.

    As the price of Bitcoin rises from when you bought it... it becomes even more profitable to cash out back to Paypal because you have the same (or more) Bitcoins and they are worth more, so you can repay the loan using fewer coins to pay the same $USD amount you used to borrow.

    When the buyer repays the Bitcoin, the Bitcoin can be sold for a 15% profit again (and then you pay back the principal to the original borrower).

    Chapter #2 - The 1% Daily Arbitrage Cycle | Top

    Parts of this section of the guide are out of date, but the concepts are interesting. If you do not know your Circle.com Bitcoin address, you may not be able to do this one.
    This chapter is going to make your day (I hope). On average, I earn 1% using this method with almost no risk (other than minimal exposure to Bitcoin price fluxuations)

    TIP: If you buy Bitcoin from Coinbase/Circle using your Paypal Debit card, you still get the 1% monthly cashback!

    Screenshots of Chapter #2 1% Cycle proof.

    bitcoin income proof
    Click to view larger.
    bitcoin income proof
    Click to view larger.
    bitcoin income proof
    Click to view larger.
    bitcoin income proof
    Click to view larger.

    Step #1 (Getting started) - Add funds (Bitcoin) to your Coinbase account.

    Step #2 - Send some Bitcoin to your Circle account.

    Did you notice that if you sent $10.00 from Coinbase, Circle credited you with about 1% MORE USD?

    Let's explore Why...

    Circle's Bitcoin Exchange Rate is higher than Coinbase's. So your Bitcoin is worth more at Circle.

    SO WHAT? If I send it back to Coinbase it is worth what it was originally worth, so how can you benefit from this?

    THIS IS HOW...

    Instead of sending Bitcoin back from your Coinbase account, you will need to use the "Cash Out" within Circle to withdraw your funds back to your Coinbase account at full USD value.

    In order to do this, you will need to get a Shift Debit Card linked to your Coinbase account and then link your Coinbase Shift Debit Card to your Circle account. This will allow you to Cashout to your Coinbase account from Circle through your linked Shift Card.

    What happens is this. You buy (or send) $10.00 of Bitcoin at/to Coinbase. Then, send it to your Circle Bitcoin address.

    Your Circle account is credited at approximately $10.12. Cashout the $10.12. Amounts under $100 tend to clear back to Coinbase the next day. When the $10.12 clears to your Coinbase account, you get $10.12 worth of Bitcoin! Then you send the $10.12 of BTC to Circle, and they credit you with $10.24 ... Cashout, repeat... etc.

    Is this legal? Yes. You are essentially buying Bitcoin at Coinbase and selling it at Circle. Or, you could look at it like I do... I am avoiding Bitcoin price fluxuation risks by moving my funds to Circle until it is safe to cashout or send back.

    Circle will probably review your account at one point and this can tie up your Circle funds for several days. No worries, it is a standard security check. Be sure to read the Circle TOS because they do not allow you to buy Bitcoin for resale on peer-to-peer exchanges.

    However, there is no issue of moving your Bitcoin from the volatility of its market to the USD option at Circle for stability. If the BTC price drops while your funds are at Circle... no problem... it is USD! When you cashout to Shift, you still get the proper amount of Bitcoin to match your cashout.

    In fact, you can also use this to "short" Bitcoin safely. For example... Let's say you send BTC 0.01 (worth $7.25 at the time of this writing) to Circle, and are credited for $7.33 at Circle. You are now holding USD/BTC ... not just BTC.

    Now, let's say bad news hits and Bitcoin drops by 10% to $650 (down from $725 when you sent .01 BTC to Circle). Ouch if you are holding Bitcoin.

    However, you are holding $7.33, not .01 BTC at this point. Now, if you send BTC .01 back to Coinbase, you will still have approximately $0.70 in your Circle account still. Therefore, you have returned the original amount of Bitcoin back to your Coinbase account, and also have USD profit. If you had withdrawn the full $7.33, you would get approximately BTC 0.011 back! (10% INCREASE to your BTC since your USD is worth more coins).

    Unlike true shorting, since you are only borrowing from yourself, if the price of BTC skyrockets, you don't owe anyone Bitcoin back so you are safe. However, if you had $100 in Bitcoin and the price doubles, you have $200 in Bitcoin. If you have $100 in USD/BTC at Circle and the Bitcoin price doubles, you still have $100 USD/BTC. Simple.

    This creates a variety of opportunities that I will explain later in the overall guide.

    You can also use the Coinbase recurring send feature to automate this process somewhat. For example... set up a daily recurring transaction at Coinbase to send $50 to Circle at noon. When it clears to your Circle account (about an hour or so) you get the notification and you immediately cashout the $50.60 back to Coinbase.

    Harnessing the Power of "It" | Top

    Know what you have, and then leverage it!

    OK... so far we have set up a $24/day cycle with Paypal->Coinbase->Xcoins->Paypal for a 10-15% profit each day on auto-pilot. While you may or may not sell out of your BTC at Xcoins each day, over all the average daily total daily earnings so far would be: approximately $3.00/day

    If we are moving $200 of bitcoin each day with the Chapter #2 technique, we are earning another $2.00 per day or so.

    Wow... we are making $5.00 per day. Let's retire!

    Not so fast :) We are just getting started. Make no mistake, a $5/day Bitcoin income is worth more than $5/day!

    I realized that with consistent Bitcoin income, I could combine various techniques to really leverage to power of that $5 income.

    If I can earn 1% per day and still have my principal, that is powerful. If I can sell Bitcoin at 10%-15% profit weekly, that is an income. It takes time, but you can do it.

    Sounds fake / scammy. 80% in a year?

    Yea it sorta does sound that way when you say it. It also sounds pretty awesome when you realize it is achieveable, and more!

    Here is how... after paypal fees... ONe could still earn $2.00+ per day using Chapter #2's method.

    Therefore, we could payout $1/day and profit $1.00 per day for 365 days and still have the principal at the end on $200 in sales. Do some math... we will collect/keep $200 on a contract, payout $365, and earn and additional $365 or more in one year.... just from a ONE DOLLAR PER DAY Bitcoin income.

    Do some more math. If I sold all 5 dollars of my daily income for $200 as mentioned, I would have 5 happy customers and over $2,700 left at the end of the year. $2,700 / 365 = $7.49. That means your $5/day income can effectively be sold (and clear) for $7.50/day.

    After a year, you would have your $2,700 and no more payout obligations. You can see how $2,700 can earn $27/day + using Chapter 2.

    Still not convinced?

    We also invested $900+ into a Google Adwords campaign for our xcoins affiliate link. We gained over 1500 referrals and currently generate over $50 paid IN BITCOIN day every in commissions. We will be running more campaigns and increasing our BitcoinDoublerLegit.com payout thresholds again soon!

    Screenshots of Adwords / Xcoins.io proof.

    bitcoin income proof
    Click to view larger.
    bitcoin income proof
    Click to view larger.
    bitcoin income proof
    Click to view larger.
    bitcoin income proof
    Click to view larger.

    Build some wealth? OK.

    There are risks by selling BTC contracts on Ebay and I do not recommend that you sell contracts on eBay until you are financially able to endure chargebacks, etc.

    Building the Income of a Lifetime | Top

    Diversity is the key.

    Now that you have some viable ways to create income using Bitcoin, you may want to consider diversifying a bit.

    For simplicity's sake, you can go to the Bitcoin Doubler Legit and purchase our contracts if you like. Ours are unique since we take a portion of OUR daily profits generated by your purchase and reinvest into various programs that we know work in order to generate even more income to share back through Kismet Services.

    I buy contracts from Genesis Mining (Discount code = 2i0L9V) for their auto-payout feature and good SHA-256 rates

    I buy Scrypt Contracts at Hashflare since they have a good payout ratio. I also enable reinvest into SHA-256 since this is a surplus account for me.

    Building a Better World | Top

    We must commit to leaving this planet a better place than when we arrived. "The Destroyers of Earth" shall they be called who do not heed this advice...

    I have ideas that go far beyond all of this. For example, a real life Farmville where people can pay via Bitcoin to grow crops in 3rd world countries and reap BTC profits.

    Or what about an app that teaches kids simple math and pays out small Bitcoin rewards for adding/subtracting/spelling correctly?

    Could we create more no-kill pet shelters and raise awareness for the animals of our world?

    Water. That is what got me started. How else can we use Bitcoin to help the world?

    Current Site List | Top

    IcyMusic.org: Owned by I. Pardo, a Kismet Site

    bitcoindoublerlegit.com: Owned by Kismet Sites

    IntroWebDesigns.com: Independently owned

    TwitchPotato.com: Currently being redesigned. Earn Bitcoin while watching Twitch.tv

    Many more!

    Generate your BitcoinStrategy.org guide link | Top

    This is pretty simple... replace my ID's in the following url with yours, and share it with your friends.

    IF YOU WANT TO ADD YOUR XCOINS ID you must do so by registering an account at http://members.kismetllc.org and activating that service for 1 Token. You can earn a free token quite easily as well by using the rewards system.


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